Choosing an Optometrist that is right for YOU

Since eye health is so important, do not settle for just any eye doctor. Eye exams are meant to not only fit you into new lenses, but also to make sure there are no underlying problems and that you have healthy eyes.

Having a trained and thorough optometrist is paramount.

Our Services

We offer a variety of eye care services to our patients. A full eye exam will have testing for common eye diseases, like as macular degeneration and glaucoma as well as monitoring for systemic diseases. These conditions affect your ocular vision and eye health overall. Catching ocular diseases early on is important or else they can worsen and permanently damage your eye.

A regular comprehensive is also a service provided to help do a basic eye exam and to fit you into lenses or glasses, in order to give you an accurate prescription.

Another service provided is to do eye exams for children starting at 4 or 5. The offices are fully equipped to give good care for your child. Believe it not, children can suffer from vision problems or ocular disease and it is important to give them regular eye exams as well.

Our office is also experienced and trained in caring for many eye-related emergencies or urgent eye concerns. Don’t delay in coming in if you are suffering from eye injury, eye infections, sudden blurred vision, flashes or floaters, eye pain, or any other cause for concern.


Our offices are dedicated to premium eye care and handling our patients with care and professionalism.

We are also active in giving patients information on how the eyes work and each process and step, so no one will be left in the dark. Patients should be active in their eye health and be a part of the process.

Dr. Mok, our eye doctor, is absolutely qualified – and has always had the goal to communicate with patients and give the best care possible. He is a top provider for Cigna Medical Group of AZ over the past 10 years before relocating to Colorado.

Easy, real easy Appointments

Making appointments should not be a struggle for patients. Simply complete a form and let us know your schedule so we can work around it for you. Make sure to give contact details so that the office can get back to you to schedule. It only takes one or two business days to hear back from us. This process is easily done through email.

Since eye care is a big part of your health, do not just go with an eye doctor or optometrist. Ensuring you get the services you need, with an office with an amazing reputation and patient care, and an easy process to reduce stress in your life, is what will ultimately make your care a better experience.