On the fence about getting Glasses? Read this.

One in two people need corrective lenses, or so it is estimated.

Yet, people are still out there who have not gotten any yet.

Do not let yourself go about your daily life with reduced vision when your sight could be a lot clearer and easier for you. Your eyesight changes all the time, even though you may not even notice it. However, there are major signs that you can identify that will tell you it’s time for an eye exam and to get lenses. If you have blurred vision when looking at objects close up, this means you may have farsightedness.

The opposite of this, being blurred vision from far away, is nearsightedness. Both conditions can easily be fixed with a new pair of glasses. Instead of straining your eyes to simply read a book or type on the computer, you can see with ease by using lenses.

If you struggle from headaches, this may also be a sign you have strained your eyes too much and it’s time for corrective gear. Or, maybe you simply need eyewear that can help protect your eyes when doing working tasks or if you are in harsher weather conditions. Why make life more difficult when there is simple fix?

Options to Consider

Since the market for glasses has increased so much over the years, there are endless options to choose from. Comfort, style, practicality, and most importantly functionality have improved and are better than ever now.

Computer/Office Lenses

Getting corrective lenses can help ease strain while you do office work or if you work on the computer. Reading smaller letters on a screen or paper can be difficult, so getting lenses that correct farsightedness could be a good option.

Reading Lenses

If your eyes become strained from trying to read text, and you have to view it from farther away, you may want to consider single-vision reading glasses. There are two types of reading lenses, which are full frames or half-eyes. Full frames are just when the entire lenses are for your reading prescription. Half-eyes sit slower on your face and are smaller lenses to help focus more. Both are just preference based, and different brands cater to which style you prefer.

Driving Lenses

Having good and clear vision for driving is extremely important, for your safety and for others. Driving lenses give you the vision to see from a distance. Some glasses brand specialize in these type of lenses.

Protective Lenses

There are several options for protective lenses. The most common are sunglasses. Sun can easily damage your eyes, especially over time. By wearing protective lenses, you can stop future problems by simply buying a pair of sunglasses to last you. Your eye health is very important. Once again, certain eyewear brands specialize in this type of lense, such as Oakley.

If you are in the market for new glasses, consider all your options and know what needs you want to be met. We can also help consult you on what is best for you.

Make sure to get an eye exam to get the right prescription and get fitted into a new pair correctly. Don’t live a lower quality of life because you cannot see correctly! There is no shortage of glasses, especially in a market with the growing increase for needing glasses.