An inside look at eyewear brands we carry and their history

Many new brands for eyewear have come out, especially since the rising depend for new functionality, fashion, and practicality. Here is a list of a few popular frame brands offered, and where they came from and what they offer.


Oakley is a popular eyewear brand based in Lake Forest, California. Oakley was started and founded by James Jannard in 1975. He started humbly out of his garage with little money to his name. He went from selling ski goggles in 1980 to selling eyewear in 2006. Jannard’s eyewear was high end and is still is today. Luxottica is the parent company for Oakley. The frames offered mostly specialize in sunglasses, as Jannard was based in eyewear protection.


Founded by Gimmo Etro in 1968, and is now based in Milan, Italy. Etro prides themselves on creating traditional designs and immaculate craftsmanship. In many ways, Etro is known for their aesthetics, so those interested in a high fashion frame may consider Etro. The type of frames specialized are sunglasses and come in a variety of styles. The most popular styles include cat eye, teacup, and round frames.


Fendi is luxury brand founded by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1925. They are based in Rome, Italy and owned by LVMH. Fendi has always been focused on high fashion and has become a largely successful company. They offer frames for prescription glasses, and these frames are impeccable quality and high fashion. Fendi carries collections for men’s glasses and women’s. Their most popular frames are cat eye, round, oval, and full rim. Fendi does offer sunglasses as well.

Crocs Eyewear For Kids

Crocs was founded in 2006 by Samual Thomson and are based in Colorado. Although known for their shoes, Crocs has now created eyewear frames for children. Crocs provide fun and vibrant styles and frames for kids. The frames are for prescription lenses only. The collection of eyewear uses a number of high-quality material; lightweight stainless steel, hypoallergenic silicone rubber, and flexible polymer. Crocs eyewear for kids is a good choice for frames for those with younger children who want some fun design for their frames.

Flexon Collection

In 1988, Flexon was launched in the United States by the manufacturer and distributor Marchon Eyewear. The unique thing about Flexon eyewear is that they are lightweight and durable. This is because a memory metal is used, thus letting the frames be flexed or twisted without ruining the original shape. These frames are a great option for those worried about damaging their frames. They offer a sunglasses collection and an optical collection.

Our practice carries many other styles. If you’re interested in exploring them, give our office a call and we’d be more than happy to help you!