What If Supreme Made Eyewear?


Supreme, the widely successful and popular clothing brand, was first started in 1994 by founder James Jebbia. While Supreme was initially a skateboard shop, the main focus now is to sell clothing and accessories. Most can identify the Supreme brand by its big white lettering on the red rectangle background – a logo many pay a lot to just wear. So, what would it look like if Supreme made eyewear? Here is a look at the culture surrounding Supreme, what the eyewear would possibly cost and look like, and who would buy it.


The Culture

Supreme caters to the hip-hop scene, skateboarders, the rock and roll culture, and the youth as a whole. The easily identifiable red and white logo represents high status and fashionable street wear. Many rich and famous celebs have worn and represented the Supreme brand, so many avidly buy Supreme to share the same clothes as their idols. Supreme keeps a very limited stock, making its customers and fans have to work hard to get it before it’s sold out. You may have seen the news about lines of people waiting outside the Supreme store-hoping to even get a single T-Shirt. If anything, the real culture behind Supreme is the hype.


Cost and Appearance

If Supreme did happen to make eyewear, the cost and appearance would be in question. For starters, Supreme is known for being rather pricey. One shirt from Supreme can cost an upwards of a grand. More expensive items, such as a jacket, can be as much as 5k. Therefore, Supreme eyewear would definitely cost more than your average brand. Supreme has sold ski goggles, which were actually sold for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands. With all things considered, the lowest cost for frames by Supreme would be half a grand, and the highest being in the 10 thousands.

Staying true to their minimalistic style, Supreme would most likely keep the eyewear in the colors white or red. Some products by Supreme are featured in camo, pink, or in black, thus also being a possibility. The frame design would be bold and high fashion. You could also expect to see their logo somewhere on the frames, certainly big enough to see.


Top Buyers

Celebrities have been a big reason Supreme has gotten the attention they have been. If Supreme did come out with an eyewear line, you’d be sure to see several huge celebs grab a pair. Victoria Beckham, Madonna, and Lady Gaga would for sure be amongst the major girl celebrities to get a pair of Supreme eyewear, as they have been caught wearing Supreme numerous times. For the guys, Justin Bieber, Gucci Mane, and Kanye West would also be rocking a pair. However, the list is massive, as there are countless celebs who support the Supreme brand.


Although Supreme eyewear may not be out now, keep an eye out. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon see your favorite celebrities wearing frames with Supreme logo, and possibly you could too. We can all dream, right?