Want your children to have healthy eyes? Do this.

Of course, parents want the best care for their children so that they can be happy and healthy. A major part of our bodies’ overall health is our eyes, making it necessary for children to have eye exams to keep in good health. Here are the major reasons why you need to get your kids in for regular eye exams.


When you’re a child, performing is a huge part of life. Schoolwork, playing, and other activities are all key to development.

However, if your child is unable to see properly these are all affected.

If you consider a scenario where the board at school is at a distance of about 10-20 feet, and your child is unable to read what is on the board, this could majorly impact what a child is able to learn.

It is not uncommon for children to be farsighted or nearsighted. Simply getting an eye exam and making sure your child doesn’t need corrective gear can save you a lot of stress in the future.


Your children are constantly growing and developing, and this includes their eyes. If your child is struggling in many parts of these key developmental parts, then your eye doctor will be able to detect this during an exam.

The eye exam can test depth perception, focus, tracking, and overall vision. Making sure your child is correctly developing can put you at ease.

Early Detection

Getting your kids in for an eye exam helps you catch conditions and problems early on so that they can be treated and stopped before they become worse.

Lazy eyes and being crossed eyed are conditions that can actually be corrected if treated at a young age, and your child will thank you for it! Serious conditions that are left undetected could mean a loss of vision or major procedures. Catch the problems early by bringing in your child in early.

Healthy Habits

Taking your kids in for eye exams sets a good example for them. Even in adulthood, it is recommended to see your optometrist every year to two years. Therefore, starting at a young age help create that healthy habit.

Not to mention, your child will have the opportunity to learn how their eyes work and why their eyes are so important. You’d be surprised at just how much your child can get out of going to a routine eye exam.

It is recommended to bring your children in as early as 6 months old. Additionally, your child should come in at the age of 3 and before entering kindergarten. Of course, if any abnormalities come up, you can always schedule an eye exam.

Taking your child’s eye health seriously is important because their eyes are an important part of development and learning.