The Proper Way to Clean Your Eyeglasses

Having properly cleaned eyeglasses is important for clear vision. If your lenses are dirty, smudges and particles can block your line of sight. However, learning to clean your glasses is also necessary because if not done right, you can damage your glasses. Follow these tips and steps in order to safely clean your glasses.

Wash Your Hands First

Before washing your glasses, you need to make sure your own hands are clean. Having any dirt, grime, or lotions on your hands will only further dirty your glasses. Don’t forget to dry your hands thoroughly with a towel when you are done.

Rising Your Glasses

Run a gentle stream of water out of a faucet. Make sure the water temperature is lukewarm and not too hot, or else coating on the lenses can be damaged. Simply get water flowing over the glasses, making sure to get any debris off. This step helps prevent your lenses getting scratched by debris while you are further cleaning them.

Applying Soap

The type of soap you use matters. You will want to apply lotion-free dishwashing soap onto each lens on the glasses. You only need small drops, as a little goes a long way. Then, rub in the soap gently. Besides cleaning the lenses, don’t skip over cleaning the temples and the space where the lenses meet the frame. After the entire surface of the glasses are cleaned with soap, rinse them off. Make sure to not leave any soap behind onto the glasses, or else it will smudge later on. You especially want your lenses to be cleared.


Before the use of a towel, shake the glasses gently to get most of the water off. Then, use a clean cotton towel to softly wipe off the rest of the damp areas. If you use a regular towel or one that is rough, you can easily scratch the lenses of your glasses. Be careful! Lastly, check to make sure your glasses are completely clean and you didn’t miss any spots. Try the glasses on to also make sure the lenses are clear.


Other Options

Eyeglass cleaner sprays and cleaning clothes are available in stores as well. The cleaning sprays are specifically made for eyeglass lenses, and for when you need to clean them on the go. Cleaning cloths to keep in your eyeglasses case is also smart to have, as they are gentle and will not scratch or damage your glasses.


It is a good habit to clean your glasses every day. As long as you follow these steps, your glasses should last longer and keep your vision crystal clear.