The Dangers Of Wearing Contact Lenses Near Campfires

Hanging out around a campfire at night with friends or family can be a great time, but be aware of the consequences when it comes to you and your contacts near the campfire. If you are planning to be around any type of extreme heat, it is best to remove your contacts and wear glasses instead. Here are the main reasons why you should ditch the contact lenses when near a campfire

The Dangers

Dry Eyes

The high temperatures and smoke that campfires produce are extremely drying to your eyes. The moisture in your eyes and contacts will dry up, causing your lenses to go hard and stiff. A contact that is dried out causes severe eye pain and discomfort. The contact also is prone to sticking to the eyes surface, only able to be removed with eye drops. Avoid burning, discomfortable eyes by taking the contact lenses out.

Torn Contacts

Consequently, dry eyes paired with you rubbing your irritated eyes can cause the contacts to tear. This is due to the contact getting stiff from lack of moisture, then it folds or crinkles up, then causing its less flexible surface to tear. Particles from the campfire can also get into your eyes and into your contact causing damage. Tearing your contacts, especially while camping, would be a shame.


While is it still being searched and test, there is a chance that high levels of heat exposure can fuse the contact lenses into the eye. However, contacts are designed to withstand high temperatures. Contacts shouldn’t ever actually melt into your eye. Regardless, it is best to not test it out.


Prevent all of these dangers from happening by being mindful when you are wearing contacts. Whether you are sitting around a campfire or in a hot sauna, take out the contact lenses. It will save you a lot of eye discomfort and is a good safety habit. If you really need to see, have a spare pair of glasses on hand to wear until you are away from any heat.