Most Popular Eye Glasses Frames In 2019

Eyeglass Frames have become a piece of everyday style. Every face shape and personality has a style that works best. The trends tend to span across the variety of beautiful, diverse faces that use them. The new 2019 trends are crossing vintage with modern. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next pair.


Patterned tortoiseshell eyeglass frames are a new trend on the market. When you choose the color that fits your skin tone and hair color, or your personality, you have the opportunity to add an extra personal statement to your look. 

Leopard Print

Add this print to the tortoiseshells, or any other frame. It’s vintage and sure to add some flair to any outfit you choose. They exude a cool vibe.

Pop of Red

Red is in. This color works with most frames and it is bold. If you’re a trendsetter or fashionista, this is the perfect color for you. Red never goes out of style and is always ready to enhance the look.


2019 is bringing back oversized glasses frames. They are always sure to make a statement. They are good for a quirky look or a chic vintage vibe. 

Added Embellishments

Whether these be bedazzled everywhere or on the upper line, embellishments are sure to make a statement. These little additions give you a chance to make a smaller statement if you’re not ready to grab attention with your eyewear. 


The new collections being released and modeled on Instagram are emulating some of the favorite warm weather trends- prints and patterns. These can give your look an extra layer of fun or carefree feel. 

Gold Metal Frames

If you’re looking for a modern edge, try out some gold metal frames. They are tastefully chic and sure to enhance your style game without drawing too much attention.


Nude colors are in. Beige, brown and caramel can give you a warm look without seeming too bland. Add these to a vintage frame if you’re looking to make a less obvious stylistic statement.

Thin Frames
Thin and metal is always a functional choice, but now it can be stylish too. This trend is taking minimalist looks to a whole new level, giving you a chance to show off your professional, chic style. Try a more rounded edge to keep with this year’s trend. 

Rounded Frames

Rounded frames are trending. These versatile frames can become a statement piece with a pop of bold color, or be toned down and minimalist with a neutral color. Make them oversized for a fun statement, or small to stick with your professional vibe by sizing them down.


They are sexy, they are quirky, they are fun. Cat-eyes have the opportunity to fit any style. You can take a more modern route and make them transparent, or follow your vintage inspiration by making them sharp and small.


You can’t go wrong with these modern frames. They don’t make the statement that a pair of red oversized glasses would, but they don’t seem overly minimalist either. These frames are great for young professionals looking to keep their look chic. 

Wooden Frames

Wood has made its debut in the latest trends. It is modern and great for those looking to add some modern edge to their minimalist look.