How Far Is Too Far to Travel For an Appointment

You should not have to travel very far in order to get in for your eye exam. Most people live busy lives, and simply do not have the time to commute to simply go in for a quick appointment. Plus, if any urgent eye care needs come up, the last thing you want to do is have to go far to be seen and helped. Therefore, it is best to pick an optometrist who is close to home. The ideal travel time should be less than thirty minutes if possible. Finding a conveniently located optometrist is just the first part, though. Here are a few things to look for when looking for a great optometrist who will satisfy all your needs, as well as not being too far away.

Easy Appointments

A good optometrist will understand and value your time. Thus, find a place that offers easy appointment setups that also work around your schedule and time. A sure way to test this is to check out the optometrist’s website or call the office to get an idea on their availability and flexibility. Nobody wants to be stuck in a doctor’s office waiting or struggling to book an appointment.


Finding an experienced and professional optometrist is needed when it comes to eye health. Professional optometrists should be willing to answer questions or concerns and do a thorough exam. Once again, research the eye doctor in question to learn more about them. Look for things such as their degree, training, and years of experience. Another way of finding out if an optometrist is professional and experienced is by reading reviews or asking around. All in all, being in good hands will give you a better piece of mind and not hold you back from getting your regular eye exams.

Comfortable Environment

When picking a suitable eye doctor, personal comfort should be taken into consideration. An optometrist with a clean, comfortable environment to be in shows care for the wellbeing of the patients. This is also important for those looking for a family-friendly eye doctor who is able to work with children. Taking a tour of the office can help you get an idea if it is a place you feel safe going to and getting eye care at.

Since eye health is important, so is finding a good optometrist. Try to find an eye doctor who does not make you travel too far, who offers easy appointments, displays professionalism, and offers a comfortable and clean environment at the appointment.