Ever Wonder Why Your Eyes Water? Here’s Why.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why your eyes randomly water? Although tears are important and not only keep our eyes hydrated but also help keep foreign bodies out of our eyes, overly watery eyes is annoying. Here are a few reasons why your eyes could potentially be watering, along with a quick remedy to use when it happens.


Weather can be one of the biggest culprits for watery eyes. Weather conditions such as wind, the cold, and sun all have an impact on your eyes. This is due to your eyes drying out since the sun or cold evaporate moisture. Wind also may blow in dust or particles, irritating your eyes.  In order to get rid of the foreign bodies, your eyes will water to flush it out.

Eye Strain

You may not realize how much daily strain you put on your eyes. Staring at a screen for too long, reading, squinting, not having the correct prescription, not wearing sunglasses, are all ways that our eyes can become strained or fatigue. Eye strain can cause your eyes to become dry, which in turn triggers your tear ducts to produce excessive tears.

Blocked Tear Ducts

Having a blocked tear ducts means that your tears cannot drain properly, leaving your eyes filled with tears. A blocked tear duct can be completely or partially blocked, but either way the tear drainage system is affected. Although blocked tear ducts are most commonly seen in newborns, it can happen at any age.


You may notice that your eyes will start to water when experiencing allergies. This is no coincidence. When eyes come in contact with an allergen, histamine is released. Histamine is responsible for the uncomfortable allergy symptoms, like watery and itchy eyes. This reaction can happen at any time of the year, therefore sometimes affecting your eyes randomly.


There are a few quick and easy fixes for watery eyes. When experiencing an excess of tears, eye drops actually can help. Although it seems counterproductive, eye drops will further moisture and flush your eyes out, therefore allowing your tear ducts to take a break. Warm compresses also can help with watery eyes, especially when dealing with blocked tear ducts. Surgery is an option for blocked tear ducts, but the process is quick and not a major procedure.