Busting Common Myths about Eye Glasses

Even though eyewear has become more popularly accepted and more people are making the switch, there are still myths going around about glasses. Eye health should be taken seriously, so seeing the real truth about glasses is important. Here are a few common myths about glasses and why they are false.

Eye Exercises Keep You From Needing Glasses

Eye exercises can not magically cure your eyes or your vision. Your vision depends on many factors, like the shape of your eye, genetics, eye tissue health, and other factors. Getting an eye exam from an optometrist and being put into the correct prescription is the best way to correct your vision. Although doing eye exercises and being active in keeping your eyes healthy is important, it does not replace your keep with eyewear!

Eating Carrots Keeps You From Needing Glasses

Although carrots are good for you, just like with eye exercises, they do not cure your eyes. The Vitamin A in carrots are beneficial to your eye health, as carrots can help reduce your risk of cataracts or progressive macular degeneration, but fixing your vision? Not a chance. Whether you are nearsighted or farsighted, it is best to get a prescription from your eye doctor.

You Have to Take Breaks From Glasses

You may have heard people say that you should take off your glasses once and awhile because it is good for your eyes. In all reality, wearing your glasses when you need them and to your comfort level is perfectly healthy. Glasses do not damage your eyes at all, and taking them off will only tire your eyes and cause them to strain faster.

Reading Glasses Hurt Your Vision

Reading glasses are just corrective lenses to help you see better. In no way do they hurt or make your vision worse. If you notice you need a new prescription because your current reading glasses aren’t doing the trick anymore, just schedule an eye exam. Over time, our vision changes, but it is not caused by wearing reading glasses.

You’ll Become Dependant

Wearing glasses improves and corrects your vision while they are on, but this does not mean that your eyes themselves change. People fear if wearing corrective lenses mean you will no longer to live without them at all, though this is not true. The reason you may feel like you rely on your glasses more overtime is that you have just simply gotten used to them, and used to have better vision.

Glasses Aren’t Stylish

You may have seen in movies where the ‘dorky’ kid always has glasses and gets made fun of for it. But this is not reality! There are tons of frame options out there for you to pick from, along with amazing brands whose goal is to make sure you feel confident in your glasses. Don’t forget that you also get decide the color and the style, depending on the statement you want to make.

A lot of myths surround eyewear and eye exams in general that hinder people from getting the help they need. If you have any questions about glasses, ask your optometrist to clear the air.