3 Silly Reasons people Avoid Eye Exams

Unfortunately, there are many reasons why people avoid scheduling an appointment for an eye exam. No matter what the reasoning is, it is never a good idea to avoid seeing your eye doctor.

Here are a few of the most common reasons avoid eye exams, and why these reasons are truly silly.

The “I Have 20/20 Vision” nonsense

If you are a part of the lucky 35% of people who have 20/20 vision, then you most likely do not have to have corrective gear such as glasses or contacts. However, even though you may have no trouble being able to see in your everyday life, this does not mean your eyes are perfect.

Other factors that are checked besides your vision is the structure of your eye to check for eye conditions or diseases, a visual field test to check for blind spots, your ocular motility to test to make sure your eye movement is normal, your depth perception, and much more.

Going to get an eye exam annually or biannually will help your eye doctor catch any early signs of an eye condition, which many left untreated can cause permanent damage to your eyes. It is also important to note that your vision can change, so going in to get checked is a good idea anyway.

How could we forget the good ol’ “I Don’t Have Time”

It is very understandable to have a busy schedule and not want another thing to squeeze in. However, doing a simple routine eye exam only takes on average about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. We are also aware that your time is important, and we value it as well. That’s why your exam will be completed not only professionally and thoroughly, but in a timely manner as well.

Eye exams are also timed to best fit your schedule and our offices will work with you to achieve that.

Another thing to consider is that going to get a routine eye exam can save you a lot of time in the future. If you have an eye condition and are able to catch it early on, you may be able to avoid a serious procedure for an advanced eye problem. Serious treatments cost not only money but time.

and then there is …“Eye Health Is Not That Important”

Perhaps the silliest reasoning of all is that people don’t consider eye health to be important.

This could not be further from the truth. Having healthy eyes provides us with a more quality life because without them we would not be able to function as well daily. Simple tasks like walking, reading, writing, and even eating all use our eyes to help. Therefore, keeping our eyes as happy and healthy as possible will keep us able to do what we need and want to do.

Eye exams also go beyond just checking our eyes.

Many health conditions can be detected early just from your eye doctor doing a routine check-up.

Macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, multiple sclerosis, a risk of stroke, risk of heart disease, and many other health conditions can be found from an eye exam. Our eyes are like windows that can show what is going on in our bodies, so it is very important to have them checked!

There are many, many reasons out there that people avoid going in for eye exams. But in the end, there is no real reason not to take care of your eyes. Getting an eye exam is necessary for maintaining not only your eye health but also your overall health.